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2023 Rural Fire Fees Notice

The 2023 rural fire fees for the Puxico Rural Fire District are due as of March 1, 2023. Anyone wishing to pay these dues may either mail them to Puxico City Hall, P.O Box 441, Puxico, MO 63960, or come by City Hall and pay them. The check should be written to the City of Puxico. the 2023 rural fire fees cover the time period from March 1, 2023, until March 1, 2024.

The Puxico Fire Department is mailing out information concerning these fees to all residents on Puxico rural routes. If you live either on a Dudley or Bloomfield rural rout but are still in the Puxico Rural Fire district, you may call City Hall (573-222-3162) for information concerning the fee rates.

Some of the fee rates have increased from the last year. The rural fire fee on the 1st home/outbuildings has increased from $35 to $45; the rural fire fee on the 2nd property has increased from $30 to $40; and the rural fire fee on commercial home/property has increased from $40 to $50. If you need further information concerning the Puxico Rural Fire District fees, please call City Hall.

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