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Puxico has the only operating library housed in a log cabin in the state of Missouri.  The Puxico Public Library was built as a Works Progress Administration project in 1939 from native cypress. The building formerly housed the Puxico City Hall. 

An addition was added to the library in 2015-16 and was dedicated during the 2016 Homecoming.  This addition was built using funds provided by Norman Harty.  The Library has an ongoing engraved brick project.  People may donate funds to the library to have friends’ and family members’ names engraved on a brick that is then placed on a wall beside the library’s front door. 

The Library Board consist of nine appointed trustees chosen from the citizens of Puxico and up to four appointed rural “development” members.  The Library Board’s goal is to develop and improve the city library.  The current president of the Library Board is Stan Crisel.