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Trash Service – No Extra Trash Will Be Picked Up

Beginning November 1, 2021, the City’s trash service, Henson Trash, will not be picking up any extra trash that is outside of the 96 gallon cart provided by the trash company. This was a decision made by Mayor McLean.

In the past, the trash company would pick up the extra trash and then send the City a bill for the extra trash, normally $10 or $15, and the City would then send the extra trash bill to the resident. In the past couple of months, residents have moved away still owing extra trash bills. One of those owed three extra trash bills, totaling $40. Rather than have this happening again, the Mayor has chosen to tell the trash company not to pick up any extra trash.

If a resident knows that he will be having extra trash and wishes to pay to have it picked up with his normal trash, he may call Henson Trash at 573-223-3797 and make arrangements with them for paying to have it picked up.